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Knowing your numbers makes business planning easier.

1 in 4 Business Owners don’t have a business plan*.

Many of your competitors

  • do not know their numbers.
  • do not base their decisions on timely financial reports.
  • do not have a handle on their bookkeeping.

Time to step ahead of the competition.

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Highly Important

Your business books – from mess to running like clockwork


Highly Trained

We abide by the ethics of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and other accounting institutions.


Highly Recommended

We’re the only bookkeeping service/ business consultancy Barclay’s will recommend in Kent and Sussex.

Pure Bookkeeping

Highly Respected

Founder, Sarah leads and teaches other UK Bookkeepers, how to grow their businesses using the Pure Bookkeeping System. Find out more here

Our customers enjoy peace of mind

Working with Sarah to refine our procedures has taken a weight off my mind.

I can now concentrate on my business, rather than my bookkeeping!

Women Who Count are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services to anyone who finds bookkeeping and payroll a chore.

D. Barned


…and a fair hourly rate

A good bookkeeper can save you money on your accountancy bill


80% cheaper than most accountants.

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